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The Haunted MansionChronicles Collection

Step into the enchanting realm of Fantasia Moon's Haunted Mansion Chronicles T-Shirt Collection, where whimsy meets the eerie allure of Gothic beauty. In honor of our upcoming magazine launch in Summer 2024, we present a collection that captures the essence of our spooky, whimsical world.

Each T-shirt in the Haunted Mansion Chronicles Collection is a testament to the spirit of our Gothic girls—bold, mysterious, and unapologetically enchanting. With playful designs and hauntingly beautiful illustrations, these shirts invite you to embrace your inner whimsy and dive headfirst into the shadows.

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The Haunted Mansion Chronicels Tee Collection
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Spellbook Fragrances
Enchanting Flames
Dracula iPhone Cases
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The Vampy Countess Tote Bags
Shoulder Bags
Vamyra's Dark Summer Nights Throw Pillow Cover Collection
Throw Pillow Covers
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Edgar Allen Poe Salt & Pepper Shakers
Frankenstein Cookie Jar
Third Eye Mystical Tea Pot
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Living Dead Dolls Eyeshadow by Vampyre Cosmetics
Living Dead Dolls Eyeshadow by Vampyre Cosmetics
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Living Dead Doll Eyeshadow by Vampyre Cosmetics
House of Curiosities Board Game

The Best Panic Room Board Game 

Welcome to House of Curiosities, a thrilling board game with challenging puzzles and unexpected twists. Explore the secrets of a mysterious mansion with your friends and family. Are you ready to solve the mystery?

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Detective Trivia Game

Trending on TikTok

Welcome to Hexaquest Detective Trivia Game, where you can test your detective skills with multiple levels and categories. Join us now and become the ultimate detective!

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