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The Mob Wife Collection

Providing Everything You Need

The GodMother Collection


Introducing The Mob Wife Collection by Fantasia Moon: A fusion of fierce glamour and edgy elegance.

Mob Wife Decor 

Introducing The Mob Wife Decor Collection by Fantasia Moon: Elevate your space with a touch of glamorous intrigue and bold sophistication.

Mob Wife Decor by Fantasia Moon
The GodMother Tote Bag Collections


Introducing The Mob Wife Accessories Collection by Fantasia Moon: Unveil your inner boss with our captivating range of tote bags, jewelry, and more, designed to exude confidence and style.

The Look 

Embrace your inner rebel with Rogue Reine Cosmetics, where beauty meets rebellion. Our line of cosmetics is designed for the modern femme fatale who isn't afraid to break the rules and command attention wherever she goes. From daring lipsticks to smoldering eyeshadows, each product is crafted to empower you to unleash your inner queen of the underworld and make a statement with your look. Dare to defy expectations and embrace your dark side with Rogue Reine Cosmetics.

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