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Lady of the Lake Candle

Lady of the Lake Candle



Introducing "Lady of the Lake," a candle that draws you into the timeless legend of Excalibur and the pages of "The Once and Future King." Picture yourself by the mystical waters where Arthur's fate was sealed, as you light this captivating candle.

Close your eyes, and you'll feel the enchanting breeze of ozone, like the magic that surrounded the sword's forging. The initial burst of zesty lime and ginger awakens your senses, mirroring the moment Arthur first glimpsed the blade in the stone. As you journey deeper into the story, you'll uncover the delicate floral notes of jasmine and honeysuckle, much like the blossoms that graced the Lady of the Lake's otherworldly realm.

A subtle sweetness carries the promise of ancient secrets, just waiting to be revealed. The candle's aroma unfolds like the unfolding legends of King Arthur himself. Violet adds an air of nobility and power, reminiscent of Arthur's destiny as a great leader. Bamboo and aloe create a soothing backdrop, reflecting the Lady's wisdom and the tranquil waters she called home.

With "Lady of the Lake," you'll sense the magic, the secrets, and the wisdom that have enchanted readers for generations. Light this candle, and let the legend come alive in your home, casting an aura of mystery and magic that Arthur himself would approve of.

Fragrance Notes: Ozone, lime, lemon, ginger, jasmine, honeysuckle, honeydew, cucumber, black violet, power, amyris, bamboo, and aloe.


Size: 10 oz 

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