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Fantasy Collection Reed Diffuser

Fantasy Collection Reed Diffuser


Introducing our Reed Diffusers, the perfect vegan-friendly addition to your home fragrance collection! Our natural reeds absorb our long-lasting scent, so you can enjoy our fragrances all the time.

Halfling Hills

A cozy home built into the side of a hill and made from earth. It is filled with flowers, fruits, and fresh-baked goods.

Green + Earthy + Fruity

Library of Spells

A twisted tower houses an ancient library, while incense smoke and candlelight billow out of the gothic windows.

Warm + Rich + Spicy

Mystic Forest

Evokes a beautiful, misty forest where nature envelops you and magic is stirring.

Green + Fresh + Woody

Tavern's Hearth

An inn with a warm, crackling fire and familiar scents from the kitchen.

Woody + Smoky + Gourmand

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