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South Park Goth Kids  Series Plush - Michael

South Park Goth Kids Series Plush - Michael


3 pcs Min on Each Design 


Wholesale Price $8.00 / MSRP $15.99


Introducing the South Park Goth Kids Michael Plush - the epitome of dark and brooding coolness straight from the iconic animated series! Inspired by the enigmatic character Michael from the South Park universe, this plush brings a touch of gothic charm to any collection.

Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this plush captures Michael's signature look, from his long black hair and dark clothing to his moody expression that perfectly encapsulates the essence of being a goth kid. Whether you're a fan of South Park or simply drawn to the allure of gothic aesthetics, this plush is sure to make a statement wherever it's displayed.

Made with high-quality materials, the South Park Goth Kids Michael Plush is not only a visual delight but also irresistibly soft and huggable. Whether you're adding it to your South Park memorabilia collection or using it as a comforting companion, it's bound to become a cherished piece in your home.

Embrace your inner darkness and join the ranks of the goth kids with the South Park Goth Kids Michael Plush. Perfect for fans of the show, collectors, and anyone who appreciates a dash of darkness in their decor. Get yours today and let Michael's brooding presence cast a spell of intrigue wherever you go.


Size: 10.24 Inches 

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